Organic food

Organic Food

           Today the whole world is running toward modernization and development of their country and their people but in this race, we are moving away from the nutritious organic food. Today most people are eating unhealthy food or fast foods. Most people are aware that they need nutritious organic food but there the main problem is they don’t know about organic food and even if they know they don’t know where this nutritious organic food is available or from where we can buy genuine food products.

Choosorganic realized that people want to use organic food but they have a lot of questions about organic food like,

  • Which products are organic?
  • Which products are genuine?
  • Where we will get these products? From thousands of products which products we should buy?
  • Which product we should use for a particular problem or deficiency?

Like these thousands of questions, we get in our minds. Here we will provide each detail about organic food and try to resolve each query of yours.

1] Which products come under organic food products?
Ans- There are millions of food products available in the market. We cannot list them here, but we can say that anything which can be cultivated by humans without the use of pesticides and chemicals are organic. Below are few given

  1. Fruits and Vegetables, including Mushrooms
  2. Dairy Products and Eggs
  3. Grains
  4. Legumes
  5. Meat and Poultry
  6. Nuts and Seeds
  7. Livestock Feed

There are some other organic foods available but those are not passed by the governmental bodies yet.

2] How can we identify organic food products?

Ans- There are few tips to check if the product is genuine or not

  1. USDA logo or USDA info OR Certification from the local agriculture body like in the USA it is USDA, in India, it is NPOP, in china it is CNCA.
  2. It is always mentioned over the organic products that the product is “100% organic”. 

      Below there are the logos that certify that the particular product is organic.

3] Why organic food is costly than other products?
Ans- Organic food always found costly than other products because organic products are always cultivated with human efforts and handle by humans only so it is costly than all the other products which can be handled by machinery. Normally organic food products are 30 to 50 percent costly than the other products.

Choosorganic is the place where we only want to provide everyone with genuine organic food so that everyone can get a healthy and energetic life. With a healthy body, you can make your family happy so your society and country. Here we are not selling our manufactured products but we are only providing you the detail about the organic products and suggesting you some of the best products which are best in quality, quantity and in budget.

Our motto of starting choosorganic is providing information about organic food products and make a healthy society and country, so join us on a journey to make our society and country healthy with organic food products.

Some Popular Organic Food Products