What is organic & non-organic?

What is organic & non-organic?
Organic Products

Mostly when people think of organic they don’t exactly aware of organic and non-organic products, so here we need to clear this confusion first.

 An organic – Those products which are totally manufactured by the material from organic agriculture is called as organic products. Most people think that organically comes only in food categories or food products but it is not true. There are various types of products available in the market.

Organic products are not only food products there are various other types. Below are the types of organic products.

1)      Organic Food Products

2)      Organic Cloth Products

3)      Organic Personal Care Products

Here one more thing need to know. Organic products are not grown with any type of chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers or any other harmful chemicals. Organic products always need to grow organically.

Non-organic – Those products which are grown or manufactured using harmful chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides normally come into non-organic products. Almost every product or category comes under the non-organic category when we need to differentiate.

Every country has there own governmental body to decide whether a product is organic or not. They have some standards to decide if a product is organic or not. Each organic product needs some certification to market its product as an “organic”. They always need to fulfill some guidelines.

Benefits of organic products

1)      Organic Products contain negligible or no chemicals.

Each organic product needs to authorize by the government of the respective country and it is one of the standards is that organic products should not contain any harmful chemicals in it.

2)      Organic products are always manufactured from organic material only.

We have already mentioned that the organic category does not only include food but cloth, garments and personal care products also. These products are always manufactured from organic raw material only like 100% cotton manufactured cloths.

3)      Organic Foods are GMO-Free.

Organic foods are always GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) free. Normally products contain GMO are modified products that are not found naturally in nature but for our benefits, we modified it genetically.

4)      Organic Products are beneficial to the environment.

Organic products are always beneficial to the environment. As we all know that non-organic products contain chemicals that are hazardous for living creatures as well as nature. If we use organic products then we can save our environment.

5)      Organic products are a lot more nutritious than non-organic.

We all know that non-organic products always go through an external process in which most of the nutritional value of that product gets remove, but in organic products this nutritional value always maintained.

Where you can get the best quality of organic products?

There are various websites and stores are available where you can get organic products but here we provide the best quality organic products which are authorized by the legal body and who provide you the best quality products.








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